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International Bento Contest 2013

The Executive Committee of La Semaine du Goût in Japan (The Week of Taste), organizes an International BENTO Contest from Monday, September 2nd to Sunday, September 22nd (*1), inviting bento recipes to be submitted from all over the world and presenting awards for the best entries.

BENTO consists of a small box packed with a well-balanced, colorful meal made using a variety of seasonal foodstuffs each flavored separately.

In Japan, from kindergarten to high school, children grow up eating for lunch the bento their mother made for them, and the bento is a central feature of sports days, cherry-blossom viewing parties, and other outdoor events with family and friends. One of the things people look forward to when they go to see popular traditional public entertainments such as sumo or kabuki is the bento they will get to enjoy if they sit in the more expensive seats.

Recipes can be submitted in Japanese and in English so that entries can be received from all over the world. And also, with the cooperation of Cookpad (, Japan's largest recipe website, a part of Japanese recipes will be translated into English on their website for reference.

The theme of the competition is "Terroir/Local specialties," and it is expected that the contest will feature BENTOS that are packed with the signature dishes of countries from around the world. Entries can be received through the Facebook account of La Semaine du Goût in Japan (Please see

The judging procedure to determine the winners will comprise a preliminary selection, in which a short list of 10 entries will be selected from the photos and recipes submitted through Facebook. The final selection in which the ten finalists will actually make their BENTOS in front of a panel of judges will take place on October 20th in Yokohama, Japan.

(*1)The deadline is given as Sunday, September 22nd, but taking the time difference into consideration the deadline on the website will be 10am on Monday, September 23rd (JST: GMT+9 hours)

For more information, please contact :

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Entry information

■Theme:Terroir/Local specialties

■Entry period:Monday, September 2nd to Sunday, September 22rd, 2013* (23rd 10 :00 a.m. JST GMT+09 :00)

■Contents:Use your locally grown ingredients and seasonings to prepare a well balanced BENTO containing the 5 tastes (Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter and Umami)

■How to enter :

Recipes should be submitted through the contest's Facebook account that can be reached from the International Bento Contest site (
Each entry should include the recipe of the main side dish and a photograph of the completed BENTO. Moreover, it is mandatory to write a comment of about 100 words to present your BENTO, its characteristics and why you think it is special. Your comments are very important and will be determinant during the preliminary selection process.

■Entry qualifications:

Culinary experts and professionals may not enter the competition
If selected for the final, entrants must be able to take part in the final cook-off to be held in Yokohama, on October 20th. (For those coming from overseas, air-fare and two nights accommodation -for one person- will be provided by the secretariat).

■Conditions regarding food preparation:

Recipes must be previously unpublished/unreleased
Cost of ingredients: Around 500 yen (to serve one person)
Preparation time 60 minutes (including arrangement into the box)
Arrangement in the bento box for one person

■Judging procedure:

After the deliberation stage, the ten short-listed finalists will be contacted by the secretariat in order to participate in the final cook-off on October 20th in Yokohama (Japan). At the same time, all the details about the final will be provided.
From the ten finalists, will be determined the winner, the runner-up and third place.

■Announcement of results:

The winning entries will be announced on the La Semaine du Goût website (France), (Japan) and Cookpad BENTO contest website.

■The panel of judges (to be confirmed)

Yukio Hattori, Principal of the Hattori Nutrition College; Kiyomi Mikuni, owner-chef of Hôtel de Mikuni and Mikuni Marunouchi; cooking expert Makiko Fujino; André Pachon, owner-chef at the Restaurant PACHON; Guillaume Gomez Assistant Chef at the Elysée Palace, the official residence of the French President; Kazunari Yanagihara, expert in the Kinsa-ryu Culinary Discipline and president of the Yanagihara School of Traditional Japanese Cuisine; Hiromitsu Nozaki, the executive chef of the restaurant Waketokuyama; representatives from supporting companies.


First place: T-fal cookware (worth 50,000 yen), Tokyo Gas Original Goods
Second place: T-fal cookware (worth 20,000 yen), Tokyo Gas Original Goods
Third place: T-fal cookware (worth 10,000 yen), Tokyo Gas Original Goods
Finalist prize: T-fal pressure cooker Acticook plus 3L, Tokyo Gas Bento recipe book, Cookpad original goods

■Enquiries to:

La Semaine du Goût Secretariat International BENTO Contest
Tel:+81-3-3402-5616 Fax: +81-3-3402-5452 E-mail :

T-fal 東京ガス COOKPAD  


Organized by the EXECUTIVE Committee of La Semaine du Goût in Japan(The Week of Taste)
Sponsored byTefal (Groupe SEB Japan Co.,Ltd.) / Tokyo Gas Co.,Ltd.
Supported by The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
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